what is different about higher design products?

what health changes do higher design products work for?

will my specific medical device, tube, or drain fit?

where are higher design products made?

where do you source fabrics from?

when are new/other higher design products launching?


when an item is pre-order, what does this mean?

when can I expect to receive my pre-order item?

how can I check on the status of my pre-order?

how can I update or cancel my pre-order?

my account

how do I create an account?

how do I change my password?

can I place an order without creating an account?

i'm still having tech issues.....can someone help?

how do I subscribe to mailing list?

how do I unsubscribe and stop receiving emails?

sizing, fit, & care

when will higher design offer more sizes?

what size am I?

if I fall between two sizes....which should I order?

how should I care for my garment?


your products are too expensive...

does higher design offer bundled pricing or corporate discounts?

does higher design offer discounts? you betcha, we sure do!

can I use multiple discount codes at checkout?

my discount code isn't working...


are products covered by insurance?

are products under clinical approval?

are products classified as medical devices?

community & impact

are higher design products made with sustainability in mind?

what non-profit orgs does higher design work with?

can my non-profit work with higher design?

do you donate a percentage of profits to charity or community groups?

payments & billing

what form of payment do you accept?

when will my credit card by charged for pre-order items?

can I remove a saved payment method?

my payment isn't going through...

gift cards

do you offer gift cards?

how do I redeem a gift card?

how do I check a balance of a gift card?

can I return a gift card?

can I purchase a physical gift card?

my gift card isn't working...

business & partners

does higher design offer wholesale pricing for resellers or retail stores?

I want to donate higher design products to a hospital or group...

what's with the bright colors, funky doodles, and quirky shapes?

what's higher design's company mission?


how do I get involved with higher design as a brand ambassador?

can I buy higher design at retail locations?

can I buy higher design products internationally?

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