super functional features

We’ve reinvented the basics, only with a smarter interior. Higher Design products improve torso access and allow you to recover or receive treatment without removing the garment. For each feature below you might find connected or additional uses. Every detail matters and our products are designed for the most practical, adaptive use.

chest access

Horizontal chest openings for improved access to collarbone, breast and bra line area(s), allowing you keep garment on during treatment.

shoulder access

Angled shoulder openings expand reach from neckline to armpit. Shoulder areas are extended and dropped for wider range of motion in snug areas like upper arms.

arm access

Double-sided sleeve openings for full-length vertical access to arm across (3) points from bicep to elbow to lower wrist.

torso access

Full-length stomach access to entire abdomen, sides of torso, and lower belly areas. Depending on range of motion, you can reach behind ribs.

full length front access

Horizontal or vertical zippers convenient for when you cannot lift arms or put shirt over the head.

interior pockets

2 to 5 pockets in every garment that fit standardized models of (2) 100cc or (1) 400cc drainage bulb. Pockets can safely hold other devices, even insulin monitors.

exterior pockets

For personal items you use often - anything from an iPhone to reading glasses. Never lose track of anything essential.

side seam hooks

Looped hooks sewn into garments to help tubes travel the right direction, lie straight, or form circles. You won't worry about anything running stray.

pocket tube tabs

4 to 6 hidden tabs locate inside every garment to organize or clip items without a safety pin. No second-guessing if something is held securely.

neck, wrist opens

Small reinforced slits at hems allow for easy exit and entry of lines from garment. Run lines close to your body and remain "hooked-up" to external monitors.

pleats, tucks, and overlaps

Across sleeves or back shoulder to improve movement. Most "flap" open or "expand" so swelling or soreness during recovery is more manageable.

panel openings

Panels that open and close in steps. Allows you to keep one part open and another closed - or move items between wider spaces like geometric cut-outs.

hand assists

Left and right hand assists to help grip garments or guide sleeve zippers. Discretely placed, so you require minimal assistance to use your outfit.

mesh bra liners

Built-in bra shelfs with top openings to hold cushions and ice packs. Mesh lining can comfortably support prosthetics too!

bicep rubs

Microsuede panels around bicep areas to minimize friction and rubbing around sensitive spots. Less irritation or snags, because of the soft protective layer.

elastic fastenings

Simple, stretchy closures for sore fingers and hands. All fastenings are a bit oversized for quicker use, but never look clunky.

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